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Unseen Comprehension 20

Unseen Comprehension about Neela

Neela was going to the basement cafe in her hotel to have breakfast. She didn’t have a proper dinner the night before. She couldn’t sleep well and get up early. She got into the lift and pressed the button that read B1. On the 14th floor a stranger got in. He was about 300Ibs and more than six fet tall. He looked like a giant. Neela felt that there was not enough room for her. She was scared. She hoped that he would get out soon. Her heart sank when the man pressed B1 too. Neela eyed the giant nervously. Perspiration tricked down her forehead through the air-conditioner was working in the elevator. She felt weak at the knees. She looked at the man helplessly and through to herself. ‘My goodness! Will I be having breakfast at the same time as this man’ The giant suddenly spoke, ‘Hello! Going for breakfast?’ ‘Yea’ Neela answered meekly. ‘You’re pretty early, ‘the giant said, ‘I through I was the only early bird’. Neela was surprised to hear such a soft voice. She looked at him …. Well he had soft eyes and she was no more afraid. May be he wasn’t so frightening after all.

Neela was bored. She was in her hotel room the whole afternoon. Her father couldn’t come as he was working overtime. It was evening and the shops were dazzling with bright lights. Neela wanted to explore Chinatown and left her room.

She walked through the narrow streets and saw that there was a night market going on. It all looked extremely festive. There was a riot of brightly coloured lights. She walked among the busy stalls. The smell of appetizing Chinese food ticked her nostrils making her mouth water as she passed the food courts.

Neela enjoyed the colour, chaos and the crowds. She took a number of photographs. Suddenly she was being pushed. Her bag was snatched by a young man who ran off quickly and was lost in the crowd. Neela was upset. Her passport, money, air tickets and everything were in her bag.


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