Thousands of people in Bangladesh are suffering from arsenic poisonings and more are being affected every day. Arsenic is caused by drinking tube-well water containing being arsenic. People who drink uncontaminated water do not catch arsenicosis from affected people. The main recommendation for the people who are affected by arsenic is to drink water from a source that contains no arsenic.

The effects of arsenicosis are less serve among people who eat a healthy, balanced diet ideally containing fish and vegetables. This is an initial treatment for arsenicosis and be part of arsenicosis patients in Bangladesh is still relatively low. It is believed that vitamins A, C and E are effective for treatment of arsenicosis.

Poisoning by arsenic is a slow process; it is due to a gradual build-up of the poison in the human body. Eventually people start ti slow symptoms and become unwell. Deaths due to long-term poisoning make it even more important to address the problem as soon as possible. This is in effect a race against time to safe water for everyone. Many people currently drinking arsenic-contaminated ground water may develop problems soon. They must attempt to safe source o water.

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