Definition of Short-Term Finance:
Short-term credit is defined as any liability orginallly scheduled for payment within one year.
- J. Fred Weston & Engene F. Brigham

Funds available for a period one year or less is called short-term finance.
- I. M. Pandey

Meaning &Definition of Trade Credit:
Trade credit refers to the credit that a customer gets from suppliers of goods in the normal course of business.
- I. M. Pandey

Trade credit is an interim debt arising from credit sales and recorded as an accounts receivable by the seller and as an accounts payable by the buyers.
- J. F. Weston & E. F. Brigham

Revolving Credit:
Revolving credit agreement is formal legal commitment to extend credit up to some maximum amount over a stated period of time.
- Van Horn & Wachowicz

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