Write a paragraph about ‘Courtesy’ by answering the questions below:

1. What is courtesy?
2. What is the need of courtesy?
3. What are the benefits of courtesy?
4. When is it necessary?
5. How much is it helpful to man?


Courtesy is the manifestation of gentleness and politeness. It is expressed through modesty and good manner. Good behavior is also the expression of courtesy. It is said that courtesy costs nothing but brings a lot. We can gain many things by being courtiers. A courteous man can easily win the loves and affection of others. A man with the quality of courtesy can gain the younger’s. If we want to run the office, business or administration smoothly and properly, it is only courtesy which may help us to success very soon.

A courtesy is very essential. He pays respect to others. To achieve glory and success in life. Courtesy is very essential. He never misbehaves with anybody or hurts the feeling of any one. A courteous man talks politely and smilingly and his smile wins the heart of others.

A courteous man never expresses his annoyance. Thus a courteous man is not easily irritated, excited or agitated. A man of courtesy is a man of tolerance.

So a courteous man always maintains his tolerance in any circumstances.

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