1. Load Shedding
2. A Street Accident
3. The National Flag
4. A Street Hawker / Beggar
5. The Life Of A Fisherman / Farmer
6. A Moonlit Night
7. Deforestation
8. A Day Labourer
9. A Rickshaw Puller
10. A School Library
11. A book Fair
12. A Rainy Day
13. Winter Morning
14. My Parents

1. The Game You Like Most
2. Physical Exercise
3. Childhood Memories
4. Your Hobby
5. Your Future Plan In Life
6. Newspaper
7. A Village Market / A Village Fair
8. Wonder OF Modern Science
9. Flood In Bangladesh
10. Population Problem In Bangladesh
11. Birds Of Bangladesh
12. Tree Plantation
13. Value of Time
14. Female Education

Formal Letter
1. Setting Up Canteen / Debating Club / Computer Club / English Language Club
2. Transfer Certificate (TC)
3. Seat In The School Hostel
4. Construction / Repairing The Bridge / Road
5. Sinking Tube-well
6. Flood Affected People / Medical Aid
7. Poor Fund / Full Free Studentship
8. For A Short Leave
9. Study / Tour
10. Morning School
11. Common Room Facilities
12. Half Holiday

1. To Bank Manager For Cancelling A Cheque
2. To Manager For Booking Ticket
3. To Friend For Returning Borrowed Book
4. To Friend For Joining Book
5. To Headmaster For Testimonial
6. To Headmaster For Admission
7. To Friend For Sister Marriage Ceremony
8. To Mayor For Establishing A Canteen
9. To Headmaster For Opening A Relief Camp On School Ground.
10. To Friend For Sending A Nice Gift
11. TO UNO For Setting Up A Charitable Dispensary
12. To Open A Bank Account
13. To Director About Detail of the Tour
14. To Friend For Sending Suggestion

CV with Cover Letter
1. For Post Of Chief Executive Officer
2. For The Post Of Sales Executive
3. For The Post Of Personal Secretary
4. For The Post Of Assistant Teacher
5. For The Post Of Account Officer
6. For The Post f Cash Officer
7. For The Post OF Medical Representative
8. For The Post Of A Reporter
9. For The Post OF English Teacher
10. For The Post OF A Accountants
11. For The Post Of Librarian
12. For The Post Of Marketing Officer
13. For The Post Of Marketing Officer
14. For The Post Of Pharmacist
15. For The Post Of Junior Officer
16. For The post Of Manager
17. For The post Of Auditor

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