Completing Story

1. Two friends and a bear.
2. A farmer and his goose four sons / found a purse.
3. Devotion to mother.
4. Two rats and a monkey.
5. A shepherd/ cow boy.
6. The lion and the mouse.
7. A dog stole a piece of meat.
8. Who will belll the cat.
9. A maid servant life.
10. A happy cobbler.
11. A hare and tortoise.
12. A cunning fox.
13. Sheikh Saddi.
14. A cow and a fox.
15. King Solomon.
16. An ant and a dove.
17. The generosity of a Rickshaw puller.
18. The pied piper.
19. Tit for tat.
20. A king without kingdom.
21. A witty Astrologer.
22. King Midas.
23. Robert Bruce.

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