Treatment of a disease will be effective only if the patient takes the medicines strictly as per prescription. Making the patient fully aware of the medicines is an important part of treatment.

Why most patents do not take medicine regularly?

  • Lack of precise awareness about the working of the medicines.
  • Not understanding what the doctor or the pharmacist had told them.
  • Disliking the taste of the medicine.
  • Fear of addiction to the medicine.
  • Problems associated with side-effects.
  • Having to take innumerable medicines at the same time.
  • Having to take medicine too frequently.
  • Prolonged treatment.
  • The waiting involved in hospitals.
  • The cost of medicines.

Excessive use of medicines is certainty dangerous. But not taking the required amounts of medicines will lead to failure of the treatment. Taking the medicines prescribed for another is also dangerous, even if the symptoms appear to be identical.

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