1. He never speaks ill of others.
2. My watch goes right.
3. You were a child when the liberation war started.
4. Bangladesh does not cherish aggressive mentality.
5. He has been released on bail.
6. Cricket became popular in our country for some years in past.
7. Banga Bandhu Jamuna Bridge is a world’s eleventh largest bridge.
8. Do you know the man who was run over by a truck yesterday?
9. Technology is the key to the national development.
10. The 21st February is a memorable day of our national life.
11. I shall be proud if I could get myself admitted in to BUET.
12. Without the occurrences of qualitative change in politics the Economics emancipation is not possible.
13. I can spend the whole day through book if it is interesting.
14. The poor boy is reading book sitting beside the flickering light.
15. The boy slept during crying.
16. We did not use boll point pen in school life.
17. He was walking swiftly and talking loudly.
18. This is my first coming in Dhaka.
19. Make resistance against terrorism.
20. The main target of the government is to remove poverty.
21. Illiteracy hinders all attempts of development.
22. Kasmir is called the paradise of the earth.
23. What a hard reading sight it is!
24. The peaks of the Himalayas are covered with perpetual snow.
25. News is the store house of Knowledge.
26. Hide in a superficial way.
27. To bat about the bush.
28. Waste not, want not.
29. A woman’s pap on is her tongue.
30. Once unlucky, always unlucky.

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