Everyday a lion went on hunting and brought home enough food. One day however, he could not find any animal to kill. In the evening, as he was returning home, he found a body jackal. He picked up and took it to the lioness.

“This little jackal is the only food I could find for you today.” said the lion. “Kill him and eat him. I did not kill him because he is only a baby.

“My dear, replied the lioness. “If you did not like to kill him because he is only baby, how do you think I can kill him? I am the mother of two babies that are just like him. No, I shall do him no harm. He shall be my third son.”

So, the lioness looked after the baby jackal. He lived with her two cubs and the three babies all grew up together.

The three little animals were always together. They ran about and played together. Sometimes they had little adventures together. They would go into the forest and chase any wild animals they saw.

One day a wild elephant came walking through the forest. The two lion cubs saw the elephant and followed him. They wanted to kill the elephant. But their brother, the young jackal, was frightened.

“That is an elephant.” Cried the jackal. “Don’t go near him. He will kill you!”And the young jackal ran away.
Seeing their brother running away, the two lion cubs lost courage and ran home so.

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