As they walked on and on Miles said to Edward. My lord, let us go to Hendon Hall, my home. It is in a village away from the city of London,” Edward agreed.

Miles and Edward rode on mules along the village roads. At last they arrived Hendon Hall. Miles said to Edward, “Look, my load, that’s Hendon Hall. The building has seventy rooms and we have twenty-seven servants.”

Miles took Edward by the hand and rushed into the room. He gave a seat Edward and ran to the end of the room. There was a young man there.
“Hugh, my brother,” greeted Miles as he ran to embrace him. “See I’m back, where’s our father, Sir, Richard and our brother Arthur? I have not seen them for years.”

Hugh recognized his brother and drew back. He was surprised and afrid too. “Mile is my elder brother. He must not be in Hendon Hall. If he is allowed to stay here he was be the master of this place.” He thought.

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“You? My brother? Yes, I had a brother but he died in a battle.”
Miles was shocked. He said in a broken voice. “Call our father or Arthur, our brother, then.”
“Father and Arthur are both dead, “ said Hugh.
“Dead? Then call the servants”
Edward was watching all this. He felt very sad. Just then the servants of the houses came into the room. They all were new. Miles then went wild with anger. He attacked Hugh and said, you rascal I know your game now.”

But Hugh was very and Miles very cunning. He had sent for the police. Soon they arrived and got hold of both Edward and Miles and took them away to prison.
The charge was trying to kill Sir Hugh Hendon.

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