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Unseen Comprehension 08

It is traditionalized that teachers are the most respectable persons in the world. Teachers are respected because they build up the nation. A nation cannot become successful in the battle of life without the direct assistance of the teachers.

In those days of the past teachers left no stone upturned to educate the learners and the students for the purpose of beautifying the aims and objectives of prosperous nation. Because of their sincere activities they were held in extreme, but the sense of teachership has been totally perverted by the second-hand participants, no doubt. Throughout the world teachers do many objectionable activities with derail the mind of the learners, students and scholars. Teachers become rapacious when they think that they are deprived of their just portion. They do not follow the principle of being an angel or a god. IT is really unethical, irrational and illogical. Why is a teacher getting more respect than an ordinary person? The answer of the question is that he totally sticks to his ideal principle. He, an ordinary man, does what his mind inspires him to do whether it is ethical or unethical, rational or irrational. An ordinary man does everything to get pleasure.

If a teacher does anything to get pleasure like the ordinary one, he should never deserve respect from the public, because he is derailed and absconded by the good and honest ideology. In perspective of Bangladesh, the sense of teachership is more pungent to be described. Because teachers here have become avaricious instead of being abstinent. They have engaged themselves in procuring money by beguiling their students of the\Alma Mater where they teach. The main cause of our dilapidation is that our teachers are corrupted who have been given the responsibility to strengthen the root of development in Bangladesh. If students are made weaker and inferior, how can desire productive development, otherwise not. A teacher should remember that his life is not only animated by God to earn his livelihood, but he is respectively created to standardise humanity and make the human being rational, ethical and dialectician or polemic.


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