One day a mosquito flew into the room. He looked at the king’s bed. He saw how soft it was:

“What a rich and comfortable bed!” he said to himself.
And the mosquito went to the bed. He stood there, enjoying the delicious perfume coming from the bed. All on a sudden there came the bug.

“Who are you” said the bug to the mosquito. Where have you come from? This is the king’s bed. You can’t stay here. Go away at once.”

“Madam,” replied the mosquito, “that is not the way to speak to a guest. I am a traveler, and in my travels I have tasted the blood of many people. Yet I have never tasted the blood of a king. It must like honey. Now, as your guest, allow me to taste the king’s blood.”

“No,” cried the bug. You cannot.”

“Why not?” asked the mosquito. “Because,” the bug explained, ‘When you bite the king you will hurt him. He will then jump up and kill us all. So please go away.”

But the mosquito would not go away. He fell at the feet of the bug. “Please”, he begged. “Please let me stay to dinner, just this once, I only want to know what the king’s blood tastes like”

The bug had a very soft heart.
“It is true the king’s blood tastes very nice.” She said.
“I will let you stay to dinner, just this once.”
The mosquito was very happy.
“But remember.” The bug said termly, “You must not come to dinner at the wrong time, not at the wrong place.”

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