A house is a dwelling place. It can be used for other purposes, but usually, housing means providing man’s dwelling place. Houses keep us safe. In order to protect ourselves from heat and cold we live in houses. We live in houses in order to protect ourselves from rain and storm. People build houses to protect themselves from floods and wild animals. Houses keep people comfortable and happy.

Not all houses are alike. For example, houses are of different sizes, they are of different shapes. Houses are made from different things. Some houses are big and some are small. Some houses are long and narrow. Other houses are square or round. Some houses have one storey and some have many storeys. The roofs of some houses are flat. But the roofs of some other houses are sloping. People make roofs sloping in order to let rain water run away quickly. People build their houses with whatever things they can get easily. In order to build a small house in a village you will need the sheets of corrugated iron and also some wood, nails and screws. In order to build a multi-storeyed house you will need brick, cement, sand and iron rods.

People in the mountains build houses of stone and wood. In the forests people often build their houses in tall trees in order to keep away the wild animals. In low lands some people build on high platforms to protect them from floods. Some people live in tents and some live in boats. Tents and boats are their houses.

There are about 85,650 villages in Bangladesh. More people live in their villages than in towns. There are more houses in villages than in the towns. In some big villages there are many houses very close to one another. In a very small village there are only a few houses and they are not very close to one another. On an average, bout six people live in each house. Some houses have only one room. Others have more than one room. People are not comfortable and happy when many of them live in one room. Also, living in a crowded room is not healthy.

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