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Word List (Synonyms & Antonyms)

Synonyms & Antonyms

Darkness, Sadness
Light, Delighted, Gay
Unskilled, Unsuitable
Adept, Skilled, Dexterous
Supportive, Auxiliary, Helpful
Despise, Disdain, Contemn
Admire, Praise, Eulogize
Fleeting, Evanescent
External, Perpetual, Everlasting
Hesitate, Waver
Sure, Proper, Index Directly
Blundering, Bungling Inept
Skilled, Adept, Dexterous
Prodigal, Spendthrift, Squandering, Wasteful
Frugal, Economical, Sparing
Expedite, Make, Easier
Worsen, Make difficult, Strengthen
Impeccable, Spotless
Spotted, Inept, Unchaste
Ceaseless, Interminable,
Recess, Relaxed
Scanty, Paltry, Sparse, Scarce
Plenty, Affluence, Abundance
Callous, Merciless
Kind, Humane, Benevolent
Salubrious, Wholesome
Weak, Ill, Feeble
Improve, Get better
Get Worse, Disapprove, Demotion
Injustice, Impropriety, Imprudent
Mercurial, Whimsical
Serious, Sincere, Appropriate
Gigantic, Colossal
Tiny, Small, Little
Flawless, Immaculate
Spotted, Guilty
Deceit, Falsehood
Interfered, Honesty, Truthfulness
Mutinous, Disobedient, Unruly
Fidelity, Loyal, Obedient
Loath, Averse
Intended, Interested, Eager
Withdraw, Move back
Going forward, Encounter, Challenge
Huge, Titanic, colossal
Tiny, Little, Meager
Subject to decay, Short-lived, Temporary
Durable, Eternal, Everlasting
Polite, Humble, Modest
Lust for money
Indifference about money, Naïve
Assert, Avow
Brittle, Frangible, Fragile
Unsympathetic, Cruel
Humane, Kind, Benevolent
Abnormal, Irregular, Capricious, Odd
Regular, Disciplined, Conventional
Loyalty, Integrity
Disloyalty, Rebellious, Opposite
Pertinent, Relevant, Appropriate
Irrelevant, Impertinent, Wrong
Compulsory, Mandatory, Serious
Astute, Shrew, Eager, Enthusiastic
Eager Less, Foolish, Capricious
Hostile, Antagonistic
Friendly, Sociable, Humble.
Freakish, Capricious, Insincere
Eradicate, Annihilate, Wipe out
Enhance, Grow, Produce
Delicious, Tasty
Tasteless, Not delicious
Hazardous, Risky
Helpful, Supportive, Auxiliary
Coward, Craven
Handsome, Well built man, Bold

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Suppose, You are Lina and Mina is you best friend. Now, write a dialogue between you and Mina about the proper use of time.

Dialogue: A dialogue between two friends (myself: Lina and my friend: Mina) about the proper use of time.

Lina: Hello Mina, how are you?
Mina: I'm not well.

Lina: Why! What happened?
Mina: My results of the HSC pre-test examination are not good.

Lina: What's the problem? Didn't you learn your lessons regularly?
Mina: No, I was not serious in using time properly and very often I wasted my valuable time on Facebook.

Lina: Oh, God, you are sure to fail in the HSC Examination.
Mina: Please tell me what I can do.

Lina: You must be sincere about your time. If you utilize of your time, you are sure to succeed.
Do you know about the benefits of using time properly?
Mina: Oh, no. I don't.

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Write a dialogue between two friends about the uses and abuses of Internet.

Dialogue:A dialogue between two friends (Lina & Mina) the uses and abuses of Internet.

Lina: Hi! How are you, Mina?
Mina: Fine and you?

Lina: I'm also fine. Where are you going now?
Mina: I'm going to the cyber cafe. I will have to submit an application via internet.

Lina: Oh I see. I will be very glad if you kindly tell me something about the uses of Internet.
Mina: Internet is a computerized network of information. Internet allows us to meet new people and discover new places even though we are not there. With the help of internet, we can get information about new books, movies, latest news, music, medicine, invention and can send mail electronically to any part of the world.

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Dialogue about environment pollution.Karim: Good morning, Rahim?
Rahim: Good morning.

Karim: How are you, friend?
Rahim: I am fine and you?

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Karim: I am also fine. But why do you look so worried?
Rahim: You are right. I am somewhat worried about environment pollution.

Karim: Oh, Yes! Environmental pollution is one of the biggest problems the world faces today. It is being polluted day by day.
Rahim: You are absolutely right. This polluted environment causes much harm to us.

Karim: Exactly! But what are you thinking about its consequences?
Rahim: The consequence of environmental pollution is an issue that troubles us economically, physically and everyday of our lives.

Karim: Absolutely! Besides, the increase of world temperature is the result of environment pollution. What is your idea about it?
Rahim: I agree with you. I think the plants and animals are likely to be extinct…

Write a dialogue between two friends about their hobbies

Irin's hobby is gardening. Her friends wants to know about it. Now, write a dialogue between Irin and Nazneen about their hobbies.

Dialogue: A dialogue between Irin and Nazneen about their hobbies.

Nazneen: Hello Irin. Good afternoon. What are you doing now?
Irin: Good afternoon. I am working in my garden.

Nazneen: Oh! What a beautiful garden it is. Who helps you in your work?
Irin: I myself have done this. It is my hobby.

Nazneen: I think it's not only a flower garden.
Irin: You are right. There're two parts in my garden. In one part i have planted flowers and in another part i have cultivated vegetables.

Nazneen: How long have you been doing this?
Irin: For the last two years.

Nazneen: Do you find any pleasure in gardening?
Irin: Of course. I get much pleasure from it. It also keep my body strong and fit. By the way, have you any hobby?

Nazneen: My hobby is cooking. I would like to make a garden as you. Will you help me?
Irin: Sure. I will be very happy to help you in this regard.


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