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Famous Universities in Japan

Famous Universities in Japan

  • ⇛ University of Tokyo
  • ⇛ Tohoku University
  • ⇛ Kyoto University
  • ⇛ Osaka University
  • ⇛ Nagoya University

  • ⇛ Hokkaido University
  • ⇛ Keio University
  • ⇛ Kobe University
  • ⇛ Chiba University
  • ⇛ Waseda University

  • ⇛ Kyushu University
  • ⇛ Tsukuba University
  • ⇛ Hiroshima University
  • ⇛ Kanazawa University
  • ⇛ Kumamoto University

  • ⇛ Tokyo University of Science
  • ⇛ Tokyo Metropolitan University
  • ⇛ Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • ⇛ Tokyo Medical and Dental University
  • ⇛ Okayama University

  • ⇛ Osaka City University
  • ⇛ Niigata University
  • ⇛ Nagoya City University
  • ⇛ Kagoshima University
  • ⇛ Tokushima University

  • ⇛ Osaka Prefectural University
  • ⇛ Yokohama National University
  • ⇛ Gifu University
  • ⇛ Yamaguchi University
  • ⇛ Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology


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