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Assignment for BBA or MBA Students

Suppose you are a manager of a small business. You need to develop goals of your business. When you draw the goals and planning process to attain that goals what kinds of barriers you will face and suggest their solutions how to overcome those barriers.
I am a manager of a small business. I need to develop goals of my business. When I draw the goals and planning process to attain goals but I faced some barriers and by following smoke tricks I had overcome it successfully.

- As part of managing the goal-setting and planning process, managers must understand the barriers that can disrupt them. Managers must also know how to overcome them.

Major Barriers:
To implement the above goal plan, a manager/ I faced the following problems:
Inappropriate goals:
Man’s expectation is so high. For that goals dream was superlative. Shareholders thinking were too much unusual to achieve. But as a manager it is impossible for me to protest it directly. I must hear the entire suggestion intransitive.

Improper reward system:
In some settings, an improper reward system acts as a barrier to the goal-setting process. For example, people may inadvertently be rewarded for poor goal-setting behavior or go unrewarded or even punished for proper goal-setting behavior. In some situations people may even be rewarded for achieving goals that are counterproductive to the organization's intent.

• Dynamic and complain environment:
For achieving success we must follow latest version but workers may not expert for using such materials. This can hamper the total progress.

• Reluctance to establish Goals:
“Failure is the pillar of success” but work plan responsibility must follow consciously and knowingly .If one fails to acquire it or unable to express its uses among the workers plans may be obstacle.

• Resistance to change:
Time to time people demands and choice are also changing. So due to sudden choice variation business plan will also be set newly. For this business investigation materials are disrupted and debt is being increased.

• Constraints:
Lack of resources, government sudden restriction and strong competition may be failed the planning process. So time constraints are really a factor for the manager to implement the goal plans.

• Overcoming the Barriers:
By maintaining the following steps, a manager/ we can solve the above barriers:

• Understanding the purpose of goals and planning:
In order to effectively set goals and plans managers must know and understand its limits. They must know that effective goal setting and planning do not ensure success but must regularly be adjusted as time passes.

• Communication and participation:
This means that everyone who is involved in the planning process should be accurately informed of the organization’s success strategy. They must have a voice and contribute to the development process. This includes the planning staff and managers from a variety of different levels.

• Consistency, Revision and updating:
Goals should be consistent both horizontally and vertically. This means that they should remain consistent across the organization as well as up and down-strategic, tactical, and operational goals. These goals should agree with one another and be consistently revised and updated.

• Effective reward system:
This principle indicates that people should be rewarded for effective planning and achieving of those goals but shouldn’t be punished if they’re not reached. The reason for this is that plans sometimes fail for reasons outside of the manager’s control.


There are following suggestions must maintain by the manager to overcome the above barriers to Goal developing:
• Sharing his inner meaning plan goals with the workers.
• Manager should co-operate and participate with a satisfactory smile.
• By encroaching of time we should make our plan company perspective and change the version for the demand of time.
• Keeping his workers in his side by showing extra beloved and behavior.


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