Cleanliness is the habit of keeping clean. It is a noble quality and a great virtue. If we want to keep in good health, we have to observe cleanliness in all affairs. Every religion emphasizes the importance of cleanliness. It is on of the four pillars of Islam.

Our holy prophet laid a great stress on it. It is a part of our faith. A man in Islam is disallowed from observing religious rites if he is not clean in body and mind. Cleanliness is next to Godliness’’ is a wise saying. This also upholds the necessity of cleanliness in life. Cleanliness makes everything look cheerful and fresh. The tradition of washing hands before meals is a sign of cleanness.

Unclean surroundings dirty dwelling houses and kitchens, dirty clothes, bedding etc. Create unhealthy atmosphere. Even in our ordinary daily life we see that a man in dirty body and clothes are objects of hatred of others. Dirtiness and diseases go together because dirtiness breeds the germs of diseases.
So in order top keep in good health we should observe the rules of cleanliness. That is we should take bath everyday. We should put on neat and clean dress. We should keep the surrounding of our houses neat and clean. We should not allow any refuge to stand near our dwelling houses. The drains around our houses should also be cleared regularly.

It is not difficult to acquire the habit of cleanliness. What is required most is the habit and our willingness to remain in clean. It costs us noting but buys everything.

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