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Planning steps before the Meeting

The chairperson has a major role to play before the meeting in discussing the agenda with the vice-chancellor and the secretary to council, and should be informed of any matters of significance to the institution that need to be brought to her/his attention.

Planning steps before the Meeting

  1. Reviewing the Problem and Determine the Precise Purpose:
    Before starting the conference the chairperson should have a clear-cut idea about the central purpose of meeting. The problem might be decline in profit decrease in market share etc. the problem should be reviewed in detail.
  2. Deciding Who Should Participate:
    In such a meeting, the participating have to play a very important role so, it has to be decided very carefully who should participate: The participant may be among managerial staff of the organization, specialist outside the organization etc.
  3. Arranging for Meeting Date, Time, and Place:
    The date, time and place should be arranged properly. While deciding these, one should have knowledge about the strikes, holidays; weather etc. having decided them, their information should be communicated properly to all participants.
  4. Creating an Agenda:
    It is desirable for the chairperson to send the agenda in advanced of a meeting usually three questions are brought for the meeting:
    i. Facts ¾ Is something true or not.
    ii. Value ¾ Whether something desirable or undesirable.
    iii. Policy ¾ Should something be done or not to be done.
  5. Distributary’s the Announcement:
    An announcement should be distributed to the participant, It should have date, time, place agenda (if any) purpose etc.
  6. Checking n Physical Arrangement:
    It should include.
    i. Selecting the seating pattern.
    ii. Determining what kind of material is needed in the room.
    iii. Making available the visual electronic visual aid.

At a glance, the following offer a useful guideline:

  • arrive on time and stay until the end;
  • come prepared;
  • don’t make judgmental statements;
  • talk about issues and not about people;
  • listen to others and speak one at a time;
  • refrain from criticizing absent members;
  • don’t monopolies discussions;
  • ask questions;
  • observe confidentiality; and
  • disclose conflicts of interest.
(Adapted from National Centre for Nonprofit Boards, 2001)

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