About: Procedure During the Meeting

The chairperson plays a pivotal role during the meeting as she/he is responsible for the overall control and conduct of the meeting. The chairperson has to ensure that the meeting is properly constituted, that is, he/she must ascertain whether sufficient notice was given and whether a quorum has been formed. The chairperson is also responsible for emphasizing the purpose of the meeting.

A problem-solving meeting can have the following procedure.

  1. Beginning with an Opening Statement:
    A neutral opening statement from the chairperson can get the session of a positive note. This opening may be a statement of the problem, quotation, purpose peer ode of meeting suggestion of issues etc.
  2. Stimulating Discussion:
    Involving all members in a discussion is central to the chairperson responsibilities. Asking question providing information using visual aid etc.
  3. Understanding the role of participant:
    There are several classifications of participants. The chairperson should know them and treat them accordingly. There are some participants who are called silent members; the chairperson should stimulate him to participate. There may be some know all so they should be asked to justify their statement. There may be some persons who go on talking. The chairperson must interrupt him at the pause of her his speech.
  4. Interpreting Date for Solution Evolution:
    After all options are before the group, it is the time to evaluate. The chairperson avoids imposing his own opinion but encourage consideration of advantage and disadvantage.
  5. Stating Major Conclusion and Plan of Action:
    This step may be in the following way,
    i. The major conclusion of the discussion should be summarized.
    ii. Stating individuals who are responsible for specific action.
    iii. Indicating by which time a task is to be completed.
    iv. Extending thanks to the members for attending and completing the task.

⇛ Planning steps before the Meeting

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