Paragraph: Bad Effects of Polybag

Polybag is polithene bag. It is an available shopping bag. But this bag is harmful to our environment. Some days ago a conference was held on bad effects of polybag. I participated the conference. The objective of that conference was to highlight the negative sides of polybag to the people.

The another objective was to convince mass people to avoid polybag. The speakers of the conference emphasized the prohibition of polybag. They argued that bag is not suitable for environment. It causes various types of problems to our environment. It blocks sewerage pipes and the regular flow of drain water flowing to the drains. Besides, polythene is a potential threat to our cultivable land. It is not capable of being decomposed by natural way.

The speakers were trying to convince general people to avoid polybag highlighting its bad effects. They suggested to use the bags of jute, paper and cloth instead of polybag. I also argued to ban polybag in any case. I said that this bag is harmful to our environment.

So, we should not use it anymore. The mass people responded instantly that they would avoid polybag any how. They understood that this bag causes many problems.

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