Adult Allowance

In many advanced or developed countries, there are many schemes to help the old or retired person’s either in cash or kind as a means for their living. In our country we find that the old and the inactive or retired persons depend for the most part for their maintenance on the earning members of their sons and daughters. Thus the last days of their lives come to them as a painful experience.

The position becomes worst if they have none help to the old people of our country. Now a scheme is there in this regard. A number of old people to be selected by local authorities would be given Tk. One hundred each. It is decided that ten persons from each ward will get the allowance. The Government prepared a list of more than 4 laks people of 461 Thana’s of the country who would get this allowance. It is a noble gesture and we hope scheme will gradually be extended to help the countries, helpless and disabled people of this poor country.

This can be done by curtailing expenditure on unproductive schemes now prevalent in our country. Our Govt. is by the people and so it needs be for the people, which quite nature.

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