The National Memorial at Saver

The national memorial at saver is a monument. It is a symbol of the nation s respect for the millions of martyrs whose sacrifice gave birth to our country Bangladesh. It was built to uphold the heroic struggles of our freedom fighter during the war of liberation in 1971.

The national monument symbolizes the heart-felt reverence of the people of our nation for the most honorable martyrs of liberation war. The most visible 150 feet tower of the memorial stands on a base measuring 130 feet weight. Actually there is a series of 7 towers that rise by stages to a height of 150 feet. The foundation of the national memorial was laid on the first anniversary of the victory day.

There is a plan to build a complex around the memorial covering an area of 126 acres of land. There will be a mosque, a library and a museum in the complex. The most moving sight of the complex is the several graves of the martyred freedom fighters, close to the tower. We bow down our heads in front of the graves to show them our respect. Our love for the country is renewed when we visit the national memorial.

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