Name of the Composition: Obedience to Parents

By obedience to parents we mean to act and behave according to the advice and instructions of our parents. It is our bounden duty to obey our parents and to act according to their will and advice. We have seen the light of this earth only because of our parents.

A human child is born absolutely helpless. It is the parents who tenderly and affectionately bring it up into adult. The troubles and sufferings they undergo for us can never be described in words. There is none in this world who is dearer to us than our parents. This is why; we should obey our parents and not do anything that may wound their feelings. By obeying our parents and acting according to their will and advice we can recognize their valuable services done to us. All the great men an the world became great and famous by being loyal to their parents. Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar, Byazid Bostami, Casabianca are shining examples before us for their obedience and duties to their parents.

Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar did not hesitate to run the risk of his own life by swimming across the terrible dam odor in the dark night to see his mother in time. Byazid Bostarni stood all the night with a glass of water in the hand beside his mother. Casabianca laid down his life on the burring deck where he was posted by his father.

So, we must think it a sacred duty to become completely obedient to our parents. We must not say or, do anything that may wound in their minds. We must behave with them humbly and politely so that they become pleased with us. We must always stand by their side in their weal and woe. A child obedient and dutiful to its parents is really a blessed and happy child disobedience to parents is a sin. A man who disobeys his parents and pains their heart cannot be happy and a successful in his life. If he does not obey his parents, he will meet same fate in his later life.

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