Walking in the morning is a good habit and at the same times a good form of exercise. Both the young and the old can take this exercise. Sally the time before sunrise is suitable for morning walk. The duration of morning walk varies from person to person.

In case of a young man it may be longer in duration, while in case of an old man the duration should be shorter. As the morning air remains cool and fresh, walking in the morning is highly beneficial to health. It gives a man fresh energy and makes his mind cheerful. It also makes a man strong and healthy. It is very essential and important for some patients especially who suffer from diabetes and heart diseases.

The doctors often advise them to take regular morning walk within their limit. Moreover, if anybody walks in the morning he or she can enjoy the beautiful sights and scenery of nature and the melodious songs of birds.

Really the benefits of morning walk are many. So every one of us should take regular morning walk. Let it be our habit of walking in the morning shaking off all our laziness.

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