The name of composition: Importance of trees in our life

Trees are the most important gifts of Nature. They help us in maintaining the ecological balance, which is essential for the preservation of life on the earth. The existence of life would be impossible if there were no trees. They are part and parcel of our life. But it’s a matter of great regret that that most of the people in our country do not know their importance and utility in our life.

Tress provides immense wealth and riches for us. We get different kinds of delicious fruits such as mangoes, jack fruits, coconut, black-barriers, guavas, litchis etc from our trees. Some fruits are noted for containing vitamins that make us healthy and protect us from diseases. By taking in Carbon dioxide and giving off oxygen in the air trees help us to exist on the earth. They are essential to build up our dwelling houses, doors, Windows and other furniture to decorate our houses. They give us shade. A weary traveler often drives away his fatigue sitting under a shady tree. They are also a great source of our income. We can earn a lot of money by selling fruits and trees. As such, they help us to come out of the grip of poverty.

Moreover we need trees to ensure a cool and healthy climate for us. They induce rains and prevent air pollution. An area devoid of forests and trees will go barren and turn into a desert in course of time. They prevent our soil from being washed away by rainwater and floods. They protect us from storms and cyclones also. Really trees are our best friends. We should protect them and try to plant them more and more around us.

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