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How to apply for a job

You must need to know: How to apply for a job
To apply for a job first of all one must have a job in mind. For that, one there has to get through the situations vacant columns of newspapers. When one finds something suitable then the process one applying for it starts.Tee first step is to take a clean, white, unrolled sheet of paper and fill up one s bio-data in it.

The bio-data should include age, qualifications, experience and personal interests. It should be typed or written neatly. A recent passport size photograph duly attested is usually required too. In addition to these, you have to be submitted attested copies of your certificate and testimonial and also your experience certificate.

Fold your application including the bio-data and the covering letter neatly, put it in an envelope and post it. Now, wait for a reply. Good luck. That's all: How to apply for a job.

The Shat Gambuj Mosque

The Shat Gambuj MosqueThe shat gambuj mosque is famous for its historical importance as well as its spectacular beauty. Saint Ulugh Khan Jahan made this magnificent mosque in Bagerhat district in the middle of 15th century. This magnificent mosque is located on the eastern bank of a vast water tank. The roof of the mosque is supported by 77 squat domes. The vast proper hall of the mosque has 11 arched doorways on east and 7 each on north and south for ventilation and light. it has 7 longitudinal corridors.

Architecturally, the interior and exterior of the mosque is quite plain. But the interior western wall was decorated beautifully with terracotta flowers and foliage. This offers an impressive look. in fact, the shat gambuj mosque is one of the architectural manifestations of Bangladesh.

Now it has become the main attraction for the tourists for its stately historical magnificence. Besides being used as a prayer hall, the mosque was also used as the court of Khan Jahan Ali.

Morning Walk

Walking in the morning is a good habit and at the same times a good form of exercise. Both the young and the old can take this exercise. Sally the time before sunrise is suitable for morning walk. The duration of morning walk varies from person to person.

In case of a young man it may be longer in duration, while in case of an old man the duration should be shorter. As the morning air remains cool and fresh, walking in the morning is highly beneficial to health. It gives a man fresh energy and makes his mind cheerful. It also makes a man strong and healthy. It is very essential and important for some patients especially who suffer from diabetes and heart diseases.

The doctors often advise them to take regular morning walk within their limit. Moreover, if anybody walks in the morning he or she can enjoy the beautiful sights and scenery of nature and the melodious songs of birds.

Really the benefits of morning walk are many. So every one of us should take regular morning walk. Let it…

Landing on the moon

Paragraph: Landing on the moonThe people on earth had a dream for long to set their foot on the moonlit was turned into reality on July 20,1969.on July 16,1969 the American astronauts named Nell Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins getting into the Apollo-11 started their journey towards the moon. Four days later they began orbiting the moon.

After a while, Armstrong and Aldrin left their spaceship in a lunar landing craft in order to land on the moon. On July 20, 1969 at 8-56 am Armstrong climbed down from lunar landing craft and put his left on the surface of the moon. Just after 20 minutes Aldrin followed him and also stepped on the moon. They explored the surface of moon, moved freely on it, took picture and gathered moon rocks.

During this time Michael Collins was in the main moon Armstrong and Aldrin returned safely to the main ship where Collins was eagerly waiting for them.

Then they began their homeward journey and returned safely to the earth. Thus the dream of landin…

Nursing as a job

Nursing as a job Those who undertake the jobs of nursing are known as nurses. As a job nursing is a noble profession. The service of a nurse is very important and essential for the society. By looking after the sick and the wounded persons a nurse performs one of the most important and essential services for humanity. When a sick or wounded person comes to a hospital nurses look after him carefully. In wartime their services are more important and essential.

Once the job of nursing was looked upon with hatred. But with the advancement of modern science and technology the narrow outlook has undergone a radical change. Now nobody neglects this profession. However, if anybody wants to be a nurse he or she will have to complete the training of three years course from a nurses training center after passing the S.S.C examination.

After completing the course successfully nurses are employed in hospitals and clinics. Besides professional training a good nurse must possess some good qualities, …

The national memorial at saver

The National Memorial at SaverThe national memorial at saver is a monument. It is a symbol of the nation s respect for the millions of martyrs whose sacrifice gave birth to our country Bangladesh. It was built to uphold the heroic struggles of our freedom fighter during the war of liberation in 1971.

The national monument symbolizes the heart-felt reverence of the people of our nation for the most honorable martyrs of liberation war. The most visible 150 feet tower of the memorial stands on a base measuring 130 feet weight. Actually there is a series of 7 towers that rise by stages to a height of 150 feet. The foundation of the national memorial was laid on the first anniversary of the victory day.

There is a plan to build a complex around the memorial covering an area of 126 acres of land. There will be a mosque, a library and a museum in the complex. The most moving sight of the complex is the several graves of the martyred freedom fighters, close to the tower. We bow down our heads …

Importance of trees in our life

The name of composition:Importance of trees in our life Trees are the most important gifts of Nature. They help us in maintaining the ecological balance, which is essential for the preservation of life on the earth. The existence of life would be impossible if there were no trees. They are part and parcel of our life. But it’s a matter of great regret that that most of the people in our country do not know their importance and utility in our life.

Tress provides immense wealth and riches for us. We get different kinds of delicious fruits such as mangoes, jack fruits, coconut, black-barriers, guavas, litchis etc from our trees. Some fruits are noted for containing vitamins that make us healthy and protect us from diseases. By taking in Carbon dioxide and giving off oxygen in the air trees help us to exist on the earth. They are essential to build up our dwelling houses, doors, Windows and other furniture to decorate our houses. They give us shade. A weary traveler often drives a…

Obedience to Parents

Name of the Composition: Obedience to Parents By obedience to parents we mean to act and behave according to the advice and instructions of our parents. It is our bounden duty to obey our parents and to act according to their will and advice. We have seen the light of this earth only because of our parents.

A human child is born absolutely helpless. It is the parents who tenderly and affectionately bring it up into adult. The troubles and sufferings they undergo for us can never be described in words. There is none in this world who is dearer to us than our parents. This is why; we should obey our parents and not do anything that may wound their feelings. By obeying our parents and acting according to their will and advice we can recognize their valuable services done to us. All the great men an the world became great and famous by being loyal to their parents. Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar, Byazid Bostami, Casabianca are shining examples before us for their obedience and duties to their …