Composition about Importance of Mobile Phone

Mobile phone is one of the blessings of Modern science. It has brought the world very closer to us. The word distance has become elusive with the invention of mobile phone. One can communicate with his near and dear ones within a minute at whatever distance they are.

We no longer need to count days waiting for letters sent from a place for away. A mother need not shed tears for the absence of her son who lives in a remote place or in another country. She can talk to her son over mobile phone when she feels sad.

Businessmen are greatly benefited by mobile phone. They need to remain busy collecting up-date information from home and abroad and their purpose is served immediately. Mobile phone is equally helpful to journalists. Reporters of a newspaper can collect news of an incident soon after it takes place. When needed, they can talk to government officials for their comments about any breaks in the administration and about any incident.

But this useful device has not yet become affordable to the commoners. Because mobile phone operators are charging high call rate. They are not considering the interests of low and fixed income grope people .They are doing business only to much profit.

Mobile phone has raised the cost of living of people, particularly, a poor family having mobile phone is badly affected due to extra expenditure. So one should not unnecessarily get mobile phone connection. Users also should stop making unnecessary calls to avoid extravagance.

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