Idioms and Phrases : S

» Saved By The Bell : Saved at the last possible moment.
» Scapegoat : Someone else who takes the blame.
» Scot-free : To escape and not have to pay.
» Sick As A Dog : To be very sick (with the flu or a cold).
» Sitting Shotgun : Riding in the front passenger seat of a car.
» Sixth Sense : A paranormal sense that allows you to communicate with the dead.
» Skid Row : The rundown area of a city where the homeless and drug users live.
» Smell A Rat : To detect somone in the group is betraying the others.
» Smell Something Fishy : Detecting that something isn't right and there might be a reason for it.
» Son of a Gun : A scamp.
» Southpaw : Someone who is left-handed.
» Spitting Image : The exact likeness or kind.
» Start From Scratch : To do it all over again from the beginning.

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