Name of the Composition: How to do well in the examination

A student who studies regularly, learns his lessons well and makes a good preparation is sure to do well in the exam. But there are some students who work hard but cannot do well in the examination. I think they do not know the methods how to dowel in the examination.

In order to do well in the examination, a student has to study regularly from the beginning of the year. Regular studies from the very beginning help a student and when the examination approaches, they start cramming. But cramming does not help a student in time of his need. Clear concept about a subject helps a student to answer the questions properly.

Secondly, every student has to attend his classes regularly and listen to what his teachers say in the class. This will help him her to understand the subject clearly. Most of the students learn the answers of the questions by rote taking them from a common source. This way of preparation for the examination should be avoided. Because examination often get bored to have find almost the same answers in so many answer practice and then revise them frequently. Because without understanding memorized things may not be effective when a student wants to reproduce them.

Again a student should have a fairly good command of the language to answer the uncommon questions set in the examination.

Besides, a student has to follow certain rules in the examination hall. He has to budget his time in such a way so that he could answer all his questions. He has to read the questions several times to have a clear concept of the questions.

Moreover, handwriting has to be neat and clean.

Above all, to do well in the examination a student must be industrious, dutiful, sincere, punctual and hard working.

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