Name of the Composition: A Policeman

A policeman is a very important person in any country and society. He is one of the most responsible public servants. He is usually a man of sound health and good appearance. He wears a blue or a khaki dress and a leather belt round his waist.

He has many duties to perform. He is entrusted with the task of maintaining law and older in the country. Whenever anybody breaks the law, he can arrest him. It is because of the policeman that our life and property are safe. He protects civilians from criminals and evil-doers.

There is traffic police also. The main duty of traffic is to control and regulate the traffic. He generally stands on a high platform and regulates the traffic by making certain signals with hands. If any driver goes against the rules, he blows his whistle and stops him. He then charges fine accordingly. The duty of a traffic police is very hard because he has to stand under the scorching sun or in heavy rains for hours together.

At night the policeman patrols the streets and guards our property. Generally a policeman is assigned job at the police stations. During public demonstrations and strikes, He plays a decisive role. When the crowds become violent, he uses his lathe for controlling the mob. If the situation deteriorates, he can resort to firing but with the permission of the higher authority.

A policeman work is re duty round the clock. He is considered to be the custodian of law and order. He maintains peace and order in the society. He has no charity to those who violate dismally hard, because they have tube on cipolin and bring disorder in the society. He is the protector of the peace-loving people. In fact the peace and well-being of a country depends largely n the efficiency and sincerity of her police force.

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