English Grammar: Verb

A verb is a word that tells something about a person or a thing.
Example: I live in Dhaka. (Here underlined word is a verb.)

There are four (4) following form of a verb.

Present Form Ing-form Past Form Past Participle Foorm
eat eating  ate eaten
come coming came come
do doing did done
write writing wrote written
play playing played played

The Verb
The Verb

Kinds of Verbs:

Kinds of Verbs

Principal Verb:

When a verb expresses its meaning without the help of any other verb, it is called a principal verb.

The boys play in the field. (Here underlined word is a Principal Verb.)

Auxiliary Verb:

The verb which helps a principal verb in expressing its meaning in accordance with tense, voice or, mood, called a helping or, Auxiliary Verb.

The boys is playing in the field. (Here underlined word is a Auxiliary Verb.)

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