Idioms and Phrases : E

» Each and every: Every.
» Eager beaver: A person who is always eager to work hard or do extra work.
» Eagle eye: An eye with sharp visual powers.
» Earful: A scolding, much talking in the form of complaints.
» Early bird: A person who gets up early or arrives early for something.
» Early bird catches / gets the worm: A person who gets up early in the morning has the best chance of success.
» Early on: At an early stage.
» Earn one's keep: To earn one's pay or a place to live by doing some work.
» Ease off on / Ease up on (someone or something): To put less pressure on someone or something, to relax.
» Easier said than done: To be easier to talk about than to do.
» Easy come, easy go: Something that you get easily can be lost easily.
» Easy does it: Doing something slowly or without sudden movements.
» Easy-going: To be tolerant and relaxed.
» Eeasy to come by: Easy to find.
» Eat and run : To eat a meal quickly and then leave.
» Eat away at (someone): To bother someone, to worry someone / To rot or destroy something.
» Eat crow: To admit that one is mistaken or defeated or wrong.
» Eat dirt: To accept another`s insults or bad treatment.
» Eat humble pie: To admit one`s error and apologize.
» Eat in: To eat at home, to eat in a restaurant where you have a choice to either eat in the restaurant or take the food out.
» Eat like a bird: To eat very little.
» Eat like a horse: To eat a lot.
» Eat on the run: To eat while going somewhere in a hurry.
» Eat one`s cake and have it too: To use or spend something but still keep it.
» Eat one's hat: To do something extraordinary or special if something that you do not think will happen actually happens (this is always used with if and is used when you are quite certain that something will happen and if it does not happen then you will do something extraordinary or special - like eating your hat).
» Eat one`s heart out: To be envious, to be very sad.
» Eat one`s words: To admit being wrong in something that one has said.
» Eat out : To eat in a restaurant.
» Eat out of (someone's) hand: To do what someone else wants.
» Eat (someone) out of house and home: To eat much food in someone's home.
» Eat up (something) or eat (something) up: To enjoy or absorb or appreciate something / To eat everything on your plate.
» Eating (someone): To be bothering or worrying someone.
» Ebb and flow: The decrease and increase of something like the tide.
» Edge out (someone) or edge (someone) out: To win a competition against someone and get a job or position.
» Egg (someone) on or egg on (someone): To urge or push someone to do something.
» Either feast or famine: To be or have either too much or not enough of something.
» Eke out (a living): To earn one's living with difficulty.
» Elbow grease: The effort and strength to clean something.
» Enough space to be comfortable: The couple moved to the country in order to have more elbow room.
» Elbow (someone) out of (somewhere): To pressure someone out of somewhere.
» Eleventh-hour decision: A decision that is made at the last possible minute
» Emperor's new clothes: Used when many people believe something that is not true, a situation in which people are afraid to criticize something because everyone else seems to think that it is good or important.
» End of one`s rope: The last of one`s ability or ideas about how to do something
» End product: The final result
» End up (doing something) : To do something that one had not planned to do, to finally be or do something
I ended up studying rather than going to a movie last night.
» End up (going somewhere): To go somewhere where you had not planned to go.
» End up (somewhere): To finish at a certain place.
» End up with (something): Io get something as a result of something.
» Engage in (something): To be busy with something, to be occupied with something.
» Engage in small talk: To talk about minor things rather than more important things.
» Enough to go around: o be enough of something to serve everybody.
» Enter one's mind: to come into one's consciousness (an idea).
» Equal to (something): To be able to deal with something
» Escape (someone's) notice: To go unnoticed.
» Even so : Nevertheless, however.
» Every cloud has a silver lining: There is something good in every bad thing.
» Every dog has his day: Everybody will have a chance for success someday.
» Every inch a (something): Completely, in every way.
» Every last one: Every single one.
» Every living soul: Everybody
» Every minute counts: Time is very important.
» Every nook and cranny: Every small hiding place where you can put something
» Every other: Every second one.
» Every so often: Occasionally.
» Every time one turns around: Frequently.
» Every Tom, Dick and Harry: The average person.
» Every which way: In all directions.
» Everything but the kitchen sink: Almost everything.
» Exception to the rule: Someone or something which differs from the usual/normal/theory / rule.
» Excuse (someone): To forgive someone.
» Explain (oneself): To give an explanation for something wrong that you have done.
» Explain (something) away or explain away (something): To explain something so that it seems less important.
» Express (one's) anger: To release one's anger.
» Extend credit to (someone): To permit someone to buy something on credit.
» Extend one's sympathy to (someone): To express sympathy to someone.
» Extenuating circumstances: The special circumstances that cause something to happen.
» Eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth: A system of punishment where you punish someone in the same way that they hurt you.
» Eye of the storm: The center of a problem.
» Eyeball-to-eyeball: Face to face.
» Eyes are bigger than one`s stomach: One takes or wants more food than he or she can eat.
» Eyes in the back of one`s head: The ability to know what is happening behind one`s back.
» Eyes pop out: much surprised.
» Eighty Six: A certain item is no longer available. Or this idiom can also mean, to throw away.
» Elvis has left the building: The show has come to an end. It's all over.
» Ethnic Cleansing: Killing of a certain ethnic or religious group on a massive scale.
» Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining: Be optomistic, even difficult times will lead to better days.
» Everything But The Kitchen Sink: Almost everything and anything has been included.
» Excuse my French: Please forgive me for cussing.

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