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Tree Plantation

Tree Plantation

Introduction: Tree is of great importance in human life. Tree can be used in different ways in life. It remains with us as a daily companion from the cradle to the grave. There is no other alternative than plant more trees in order to improve life and environment.

Tree Plantation

Its Importance:
Tree plays a vital role in our day-to-day life. Tree is the only source of food of all animals including human beings. It keeps balance in the environment and prevents environment from pollution. It saves animal world from danger. It gives us not only food but also wood, furniture, fuel etc. Tree takes carbon-di-oxide as its food and leaves oxygen. Again, man takes oxygen and leaves carbon-di-oxide. Oxygen is the most important for mn's survival on earth. The limitless gift of tree has made the world people happy. Tree and its fruits are used as various elements of industry.

Condition of Forest in Bangladesh: If we consider the great importance of tree, the condition of the tree Bangladesh has reached a deplorable condition. The famous Sundarbans of Bangladesh possess a long tradition. There are also forests in Sylhet, Chittagong, Hill-districts and so on. But these forests are being cut down indiscriminately in a widely unplanned way.
As a result, our forest regions are gradually decreasing. Our natural environment balance is miserably being disturbed. As our forests are decreasing, it seldom rains. If trees are damaged in this way, the country will face a serious consequence.

Tree plantation campaign: In order to check the decrease of forests the countrymen need to be made conscious of the importance of tree plantation. This great problem can be solved by planting trees in a planned way.

Collection of plants of trees and plantation: At present the Bangladesh Forest Department, Agricultural Extension Department and different Non-Govt. Nurseries have taken a massive programme to distribute plants to the public. This campaign-programme have further been strengthened to motivate the people. The importance of Tree Plantation Programme is being circulated through various mass-media like radio, television, newspaper, etc.

Conclusion: It is necessary now to make tree-plantation programme a success for the over all development of the country. We must make this Bangladesh ever-green. With this hope, we shall to plant trees largely every year. Besides, we shall have to take step to take care of them.


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