The Value of Time

Introduction: Time is the most valuable in a man's life. Life is nothing but a periods of time. So to use time properly is to make the most of life. Time is more valuable than health and wealth; for we can regain lost health and lost wealth but we can never get back lost time. Time once gone is gone for ever. It always goes its way and waits for none, nor can it ever be called back for all the wealth of the earth.

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Life short but work long: Man is born to do something in life. He has some duties to do in every stage of his life. But the span of life is short and the work he has to do is long. So he has to make right use of every moment of his life. So he should the right thing at the right moment. If he does not do a thing at the right time he may not be able to do it at all.

How to make right use of time: In order to make the proper use of time it should be regulated. There should be time for study, time for other work., time for ply, time for rest and time for prayer and so on. There should be a routine and that should be followed strictly. All who became great and successful in life made right use of their time. Men are often found to repent for misuse of time when it is too late.

Waste of time a crime: Waste of time is a crime. Those who waste time can never prosper in life. Moreover, an idle brain is the devil's workshop. It is the idle man who thinks of evil thoughts. Idle man can never keep good health and is not satisfied with anything. He cannot taste the real happiness in life.

Conclusion: As time is the source of all success and happiness in life everybody should make the best use of time.

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