The units of measuring length:

N.B: Unit of measurement of length: Metre

Relation between British and Metric System:

Metric Units of Measurement of Weights:

N.B: There are two more units used for measurement in metric system. The units quintal and metric ton are used to measure large quantity of goods.
100 kilograms = 1 quintal
1000 kilograms = 1 metric ton

Metric Units for measurement of Volume of Liquids:

N.B: The unit of measuring volume of liquid : litre and Weight of 1 litre of pure water is 1 kilogram

Metric Units in Measuring Area:

N.B: Unit of measure of area : square metre

Relation between Metric and British System in Measuring Area:

Relation between Metric, British and National Units in Measuring Area:

Metric Units of Measuring Volume:

Relation between Metric and British Systems of Volume:

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