Paragraph about Greenhouse Effect

Greenhouse Effect is a global problem. It is the gradual warming of the global air for the heat being trapped by environmental pollution. Greenhouse Effect is caused by the destruction and burning down of tropical rain forests, by vehicles which cause traffic jam, by the rapid growth of industry, by the use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in packaging and manufacturing commercial products, by the use of detergents etc.

The main culprit for global warming is carbon DI-oxide which is produced by the burning of fossil fuels and forests and by other pollutants such as methane and chlorofluorocarbons. Climatologists predict that the temperature of the world may rise by four degree in the midway of 21st century as a result of greenhouse effect.

As a result of increasing the temperature, it would reduce mankind's ability to grow food, destroy or severely damage wildlife and forests, raise sea levels and there-by flood coastal areas and farmland Carbon DI-oxide gas makes hole in the Ozone layer which guards the atmosphere of the world i.e. it resists the ultra violet ray of the sun to enter into the world. For the entrance of the ultra violet ray of the sun, the world is becoming hotter day by day. There will be drought throughout the world. the ice of the polar region will start to melt.

Moreover, the whole of Maldives and southern part of Bangladesh may go under water one day. To prevent global warming, we have to plant more trees and to stop cut down trees indiscriminately.

To save the world, the role of the developed countries and the United Nations is great. The conscious people, NGOs and mass media such as radio, television, newspaper etc, should come forward in this regard.

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