Newspapers plays a vital role in this modern world. It has removed global distance. The world has become much smaller than before. One part of the world has been linked up with another through newspaper. Not only that, newspaper gives us both pleasure and knowledge. Through newspaper we can have the current political situation, economics, culture, events, games and sports, speeches of the whole world. It is said that newspaper is a store-house of knowledge and information.

At present thousands of newspapers are being printed daily all over the day. Besides there are many online newspapers, are called e-newspapers. In the modern age e-newspaper is more popular than printed newspaper. A means of reading e-newspaper we can know what is happening around the whole world in a very short time. We can read e-newspaper from online, there have no cost to buy it.

There are following BD e-Newspapers:

Newspaper is an effective mass media. Its main business is to give us a news and views that we want to know. In a word, we cannot think of our think of our modern life without a newspaper.

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