A Village Market

Introduction; A village market is a public place in a village where people come from different parts of the village to buy and sell commodities which are necessary for everyday life. It is an important buying and selling center for the villagers.

Kinds of village markets: There are two kinds of village markets. They are the daily market and the weekly or bi-weekly market. The daily market is called bazar and it sits daily in the morning. The weekly market is called 'hat'. It sits once or twice in a week in the forenoon and continues up to late in the evening.

Sit/ place/ where held/ location: Usually a village market sits beside a river, canal or dighi and under some big trees.

Nature and arrangement of shops and things available: Most of the village markets sit one or twice in a week. They sit in the afternoon and break up at night. These markets have permanent shops which sell rice, salt, oil, pepper, cloth and many other things of daily use. Fish, vegetables and milk are sold in the open place. Besides, there are some temporary sheds under which sellers spread their goods for sale.

Buying and selling/ market day: On a market day, different things of daily use are brought and sold. The sellers of each section sit in lines at the place allotted to them. There exists a space between the lines for the buyers to move and buy. The fish and the vegetables markets are the most crowded place in the market.

Noisy and insanitary place: Higgling is the main feature of a village market. The sellers demand much higher price than the actual one. The buyers also start higgling to fix up the actual price of commodities. As a result there is a hue and cry in the village market. It is also an insanitary place.

Usefulness/ utility/ importance: Through a market place is a noisy place., yet it is of great use to the villagers. It plays an important role for the villagers. It also plays a great role in the social and economic life of the villagers. Here they have a great scope for spending their leisure time in talking tea with their friends and relatives. It is the most important place for exchanging news and views.

Demerits: A village market is an unhealthy place. It is dusty in the dry season and muddy in the rainy season. Besides there may be the frauds and pick-pockets.

Conclusion: Through a village market is a noisy and unhealthy place, yet it is an integral part of village life. It is a very good place not only for buying and selling goods but also for meeting one's dear and near ones.

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