Dialogue between two friends on coming/ensuing examination.

Rina: Hallo, Rony. How are you?
Mina: Very fine. Thanks and you?

Rina: I am also fine. Thank you very much. Where had you been so long?
Mina: I had been in my own residence.

Rina: Why don’t you come to the playground?
Mina: I am busy with my coming/ensuing examination.

Rina: I am also busy with my examination. But I have no tension about the examination. I have completed most of my subjects. Haven’t you completed your course?
Mina: No, I haven’t.

Rina: Don’t worry. Carry on your studies. I am sure you will be able to cover up. But I have a little problem in English.
Mina: I have also some problem in English. Let us go to our English teacher.

Rina: Your idea is good. Thank you for your good idea.
Mina: You are most welcome.

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