Write a dialogue between doctor and patient about a disease.


Patient: May I come in, sir?
Doctor: Yes, come in.

Patient: Good morning, doctor?
Doctor: Good morning.

Patient: How are you, doctor?
Doctor: Very fine. Thanks and you?

Patient: I am not well.
Doctor: What is your problem?

Patient: I have been suffering from fever since Monday last.
Doctor: Have you taken any medicine?

Patient: No, I have not.
Doctor: When does the temperature increase?

Patient: In the morning.
Doctor: When does the temperature decrease?

Patient: In the afternoon.
Doctor: When does the temperature remit?

Patient: At night.
Doctor: Do you fell very cold?

Patient: Yes, I do.
Doctor: How is your appetite?

Patient: Not bad at all.
Doctor: Here is your prescription. You will take medicine regularly. Every thing will be right within a day.

Patient: I am very grateful to you. Thank you very much.
Doctor: You are most welcome.

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