A dialogue between a librarian and reader looking for books on Liberation War.

Reader: Good morning, brother.
Librarian: Good morning.

Reader: Excuse me, could help me please?
Librarian: Certainly, What can I do for you?

Reader: I am looking for books on our war of Liberation.
Librarian: I see. Come with me. These three shelves contain books on the Liberation war.

Reader: Thank you very much. I am looking for two types of books.
Librarian: What are they?

A dialogue about a book

I am interested in the books of M.R Akter Mukul , the writer of charampatra and the autobiography of the freedom fighters.
Librarian: Wait a little. Here are they.

Reader: Can I get any book on book on Kornel Taher?
Librarian: Of course.

Reader: No more today. See you again, thank you very much.
Librarian: You are most welcome.

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