Write a dialogue between two friends recollection the performance of Bangladesh cricket Team in the last world cup.


Myself: Good morning, friend.
Friend: Good morning.

Myself: How are you, Friend?
Friend: Very fine, Thanks and you?

Myself: I am also fine. Thank you very much. Today I want to talk to you about a useful matter. Have you any problem?
Friend: No problem, carry on.

Myself: Have you watched the “World cup cricket”?
Friend: Yes, I have.

Myself: Which game did you enjoy most?
Friend: The game between Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Myself: How did Bangladesh team play?
Friend: Really nice. I shall never forget the remembrance of this match.

Myself: What is your idea about the performance of Bangladesh?
Friend: I think that Bangladesh team has developed much. The fielding, bowling and batting of our team are no doubt praise worthy.

Myself: What is your suggestion about Bangladesh team?
Friend: At first all the players of Bangladesh team should in crease physical fitness. After that they have to practice more and more.

Myself: Among the players whom do you like most.
Friend: Suza, Santu and Api played well. But personally I like Api very much.

Myself: Oh! Here is my train. I have to go. No more today. See you again thank you. Thank you very much.
Friend: You are most welcome.

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