A group of words like this, which makes complete sense, is called a Sentence.
a) Jack is a good boy.
b) I am a student.

Kinds of Sentences:

Sentences are of five kinds:
1. Declarative or Assertive sentence
2. Interrogative sentence
3. Imperative sentence
4. Optative sentence
5. Exclamatory sentence.

Elaborate Discussion
  • Declarative or Assertive sentence: A sentence that makes a statement or assertion is called a Declarative or Assertive.
    Example: John is a good player.
  • Interrogative sentence: A sentence that asks a question is called an Interrogative sentence.
    Example: Where do you live?
  • Imperative sentence: A sentence that expresses a command or an entreaty is called an Imperative sentence.
    Example: Have mercy upon us.
  • Optative sentence: A sentence that expresses a wish, desire or a hope is called an Optative sentence.
    Example: God bless you!
  • Exclamatory sentence: A sentence that expresses strong feeling is called an Exclamatory sentence.
    Example: What a shame!

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