The Rainy Season

I live in Dhaka. During the last rainy season I visited my village, and I saw the condition of nature and life in a village during this season. At an interval of every two months, there appears a new season in Bangladesh. They are summer, the rainy season, autumn, the late autumn, winter, spring.

The months of Asharh and Shraban indicates the rainy season. During this season the sky often remains cloudy. Violent blasts of wind blow. The sun remains hidden behind the clouds and it rains in torrents. Sometimes rain continues for days together. Tanks and pools that dry up in winter and summer are filled up again. Rivers gradually rise till they overflow their banks. Some places remain under water for the greater part of the season and appear to be vast sheets of water. Everywhere roads are covered with mud. In many villages one has to go about in boats. The lamndscape appears green. Dry leaves fall from trees and new ones sprout forth in their place. The country roads get covered with mud and many of them turn impossible. Outdoor games and activities become difficult.

My feeling was wonderful when I was thoroughly drenched. Life in a Bangladeshi village is, as a rule, dull and monotonous. The village people are simple, religious and conservative. They do not like change with the changing condition of the world. The villagers may be classified under three main heads the rich, the middle-class and the poor labouring class.

During the rainy season the life of the poor labouring class is miserable and the rich and middle-class pass time joyfully. The rainy season is the most important and useful season in our country. It is the loveliest of all the seasons, so visiting my village during the rainy season I enjoyed a journey by boat from one place to another.

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