The Importance of Learning English

English is an international language. Because English is spoken all over the world. It has earned the prestige of being the international language because of all kinds of international communications are maintained through English.

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The important of English can't be described in words, because it's the store house of knowledge. We need to learn English for our higher education. All the books on higher education of every branch of knowledge are written in English. If we want to earn vast knowledge and higher education in any branch, we are to take the help from those books.

Today more than 80% of all the information in the world's computers is in English, so organization frequently need employees who speak and write a standard form of English. So it helps a man to get a good job and to earn more money. Besides English helps the international community and the business world to communicate across national borders.So if we don't know English, we will fail to keep pace with the progressive force of the world.

If anybody wants to learn correct English, she/ he should learn grammar well. Grammar is the vital part of any language. Every language has certain rules and regulations to follow. Grammar contains these rules and regulations. Grammar helps us to know the proper use of a languages. A man may have a right stock of vocabulary but if he doesn't know grammar, he won't be able to make the best use of his rich vocabulary.

At present,a lot of English text book is based on communicate approach. It helps us speak and write English well.

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