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Student Life

Student Life

Introduction: Student life is the most important part of a man's life. It is also called the golden period of life. A student has to spend a part of his life in educational institutes such as school, college and university for acquiring knowledge. So this life is called student life.

Duties of a student: Student life is the seed time of life. The results of future depends on the student life. So the first and foremost duty of a student is to study attentive and to make a good result. He should not waste his valuable time. He should attend his classes regularly and listens to the lectures of his teachers. He should not adopt unfair means in the examination which spoils the future of a student. He should speak the truth and not tell a lie because a liar is hated by all if he is a government officer. He should never associate with bad boys and students. He should never smoke or take drugs. He should read newspaper and magazines regularly.

Other Duties: A student should perform a lot of other duties. He should take regular physical exercise for sound health because sound mind depends on sound health. He should take part in the various kinds of indoor and outdoor games for physical fitness. He should never take curriculum activities such as poem reciting, debating, cultural function etc. for mental satisfaction which is the key to bright future.

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Importance of student life: If a student passes his student life to acquire knowledge properly, he will be succeed in future. If he does not make the best use of his time, he will have to repent in future. So it is called that student life is not a bed of roses.

Social Duties: He should do some social works at times. During flood or other calamities, he should come forward to help the distressed people. He should motivate the common people against illiteracy, superstitions, bad culture, ignorance etc. During long vacation a student should take part in mass education to open a night school at a school or at his house.

Conclusion: A student is the future hope and strength of a country and the builder of his own life. So, he should pass his student life to remember the duties and responsibilities of an ideal student. He should read the life history of the great men of the world.


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