English Grammar: Pronoun

Pronoun: A word used instead of a noun, is called a pronoun.
Lila is a nice girl.
She goes to school everyday.
She reads attentively.
Here, the word 'She' is a pronoun.

Kinds of Pronoun

There are following eight (8) kinds of pronoun in English Grammar.
1. Personal Pronoun
2. Demonstrative Pronoun
3. Interrogative Pronoun
4. Relative Pronoun
5. Indefinite Pronoun
6. Distributive Pronoun
7. Reflexive and Emphatic Pronoun
8. Reciprocal Pronoun.

Definition and Example:

1. Personal Pronoun: I, we, you, he, she, they, it.
2. Demonstrative Pronoun: Word such as this, that, these, those, such, so, the same, used instead of some noun to point to it or them, are called demonstrative pronoun. Example: this, that, such, these, those are demonstrative pronoun.
3. Interrogative Pronoun: who, which, what, whose, whom.
4. Relative Pronoun: that, who, which, what, where, whom.
5. Indefinite Pronoun: one, any, some, many, none, both.
6. Distributive Pronoun: either, each, every, neither.
7. Reflexive and Emphatic Pronoun: myself, ourselves, himself.
8. Reciprocal Pronoun: each other, one another.

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