Price-hike is an economic term which means the increasing rate of products. It hampers the growth of economy.

Bangladesh is an under-developed country. Almost all of the under-developed countries of the world are in the grip of an economic crisis. The price of essential commodities is increasing day by day in our country. As a result, the low-income group is suffering very much. They are suffering physically and mentally. The price of essential commodities such as rice, wheat, flour, pulse, oil, medicine, cloth, fuel etc has risen abnormally.

There are many reasons of Price-hike in our country. Hoarding is the main cause of it. It affects the supply of essential goods for the common people. The dishonest traders hoard the daily necessities for the illegal purpose. As a result an artificial crisis is created in the market. Moreover, many traders and importers make a syndicated hoard goods for a lot of profit.

The other causes of Price-hike are smuggling, black-marketing, flood,drought etc. it is high time the government should think over the matter and take necessary steps for the welfare of the poor people.

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