My School

Everybody has some particular place or thing for which he is proud. I have also a lot of things for which I am proud. My school is one of them. When I am alone and try to think about something my school comes first. I am telling about my school here. The name of my school is Dulai High School. It is situated in the Upazilla of Sujanagar under the district of Pabna. It is a famous school of Pabna.

Our school was established in 1967. At first it was fully a tin-shed school. Later on it was built with bricks. Now the school building is three storeyed and there are thirty rooms in the building. It’s an L-shaped building. There are two thousand students and thirty teachers in our school. All of our teachers are efficient, qualified and experienced. Our Headmaster is a very wise man having vast knowledge and administrative efficiency. Our teachers are very careful to us. They enter into the class in time and teach us well. We learn academic and extra academic lessons from them.

Sometimes they make jokes in the class to make our lessons enjoyable. When anyone of us is sick they become very anxious. They always try to make our future glorious. We also respect them very much. Our school compound is very nice. In front of it there is a big play ground. There are many big trees around our school which make our school like a garden.

Actually, my school always attracts me. As we were out going batch, most of the time I think how I will spend my time when I will leave my school. And I also think that my feelings about my school is a sign of deep love to my school.

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