Life of a Fisherman

Fishing is a profession, So a fisherman is he who catches fish from ponds, canals, beels, rivers or sea and sells them. He catches fish by nets. He needs boat and net. Generally he lives by the side of or near any river or sea. He has to work hard at the time of catching fish. In the leisure period, he has to make new nets or to repair old nets. He maintains his family with the money of fish selling.

Fishing is very risky profession. Sometimes he has to catch fish avoiding rough water. At times the weather becomes rough in an instant. Then many boats go under water and so many fisherman lose their lives. At the time of rough weather the members of his family are worried about him.

His pleasure and pain depend on his income. If he can earn more, he gets pleasures. But if he can not earn sufficient money to maintain his family, he becomes sorry. He leads a very simple life. Sometimes he has to eat less food. His children are deprived of education and the members of his family are deprived of entertainment and medical facilities. Though he is an asset of the country, he does not get that dignity.

If the Government helps the poor fishermen by giving interest free loan and saves them from the oppression of the owner of the boats and nets, the standard of life of the fishermen may improve.

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